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Welcome to the Westphal Wavetec GmbH website

Ultrasonic Technolog  
Ultrasonic Technology
We are manufacturing ultrasonic generators, piezo ceramic sonic transformers (transducers) as well as ultrasonic equipment, such as horns (sonotrodes) and boosters in various frequencies (20kHz, 22kHz, 23kHz, 30kHz, 35kHz and 40kHz). Technical application of our ultrasonic products is the joining of plastics.

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Prototype manufacturing  
Mechanical Metal Work (Cutting/Welding/Bending) - Prototype Manufacturing
What ever you may need from front plate (anodized and engraved) to welded parts like frames or mounting of a complete machine (including buying of material like switches, electrical devices or bearings on demand), we are highly specialised in manufacturing small batches and single parts. To provide our customers with excellent quality and a reliable service is one of our main targets.

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Radio Frequency Technology
We are offering service not only for our products, but also also for spares and repairs in RF-fabrications of Herfurth GmbH and Albert Fruechtling GmbH.

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